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Our Plumbing Guys Have a Reputation to Uphold

Since we started our business in 2016, we’ve been going above and beyond in the name of outstanding plumbing. Our customers know that they can always count on us to deliver exceptional results and respectful service, all at everyday low prices. We’ve created a community of satisfied customers, and we want you to see for yourself just what our team is capable of!

Check out our customer testimonials below, then give us a call at (510) 800-8229 to meet our team and get the help you need for your plumbing issues.

  • Dedicated to Completing the Job
    Was helped by Meño or Manuel. Excellent job and an excellent worker. Came by and diagnosed the issue on short notice and completed the same day. Ended up staying late, dedicated to completing. 

    Called the Plumbing Guys after Star Plumbing insisted on digging into the ground for a large price. Manuel and the Plumbing Guys quickly came up with a solution that did not include digging and $200 cheaper than what Star Plumbing offered.  Very happy with the service. Manuel needs promotion or at least a raise!

    - Anthony T.

  • Highly Recommended
    I had a slow drain at The Doolittle in Castro Valley. Manuel came out at the time I was given and took care of my issue quickly. I appreciate the customer service Plumbing Guys provided. I highly recommend them

    - Joe C.

  • Quick and Efficient Service
    I need help with the toilet, bathtub and kitchen clog... called these guys and replied quickly... in 30mins. They are in the front door... my guy Meno checked everything and started working... he doesn't waste any time and solved the problem... I highly recommend these guys.

    - Erwin M.

  • 5 Star Service!
    As we expected from seeing the slew of 5's on this Yelp page prior to actually contacting them, this company truly turned out of be worth this rating.
    We had a clogged and leaking pipe underneath our bathtub, and Meno helped fixed both of these issues within the span of 1.5 hours, complete in great professionalism, and his soldering work was very clean and neatly done as well. I would definitely recommend this company to any customers in the future!

    - Dogpaste V.

  • Quickly Responded
    The owner was quick to respond to our call. He sent one of his plumbers to our place. Manuel or Emanuel was on time to fix a leakage on our water pipes to the main sprinkler system. He did a great job and replaced the main pipes. He also waited to make sure that the pipes had no further leakage before he finished the job. We would definitely recommend the Plumbing Guys!

    - Lan T.

  • Always on Time!
    We had issues with our hot water supply and I reached out to the Plumbing Guys and they said they would be out first thing in the morning, fine. But since one of there guys was on his way home from another job and was done for the day he (Meno) decided to drive by and have a look. Meno was great, he listened to me explain what was going on and then he made the plan for the next day. He told exactly what he was going to do and if I wanted to go pick out a new faucet he would install it for me. The next day Meno was right on time he worked calmly but efficiently. None of this works as fast he can and do shoddy job stuff. He got everything done in a little over an hour including installing my new kitchen faucet! Great job Plumbing Guys and thank you, Meno, you are numero Uno!

    - James R.

  • Extremely Insightful
    Meno came to our house within the hour and snaked the kitchen drain. He was professional, courteous, and was very insightful on our other issue of replacing the main water line. I would highly recommend Plumbing Guys and Meno.

    - Carl M.

  • Accommodating and Quick to Respond
    Manuel came to fix our burst pipe on a Sunday afternoon and was accommodating, professional, and quick to respond. Very informative as to what the issue was. Highly recommend Plumbing Guys. Thank you, Miguel.

    - Mike R.

  • Excellent Service
    Manuel did an exceptional job fixing a leak in my bathtub. He was highly professional and was able to fix the leak in a very good timely manner, at an affordable price. I will continue to work with them going forward and continue to recommend others to this great company. Thanks.

    - Bernardo J.

  • Quick Response Time
    The toilet overflowed while I was on a first date at someone's house and I was so embarrassed. I didn't think any plumbers were open during the shutdown and I knew the situation would've been so much worse if it weren't for Plumbing Guys. They responded so fast and we're able to take care of the toilet repair in no time!!

    - Remyah L.

  • Very Clean and Professional
    They came during this pandemic and were in and out, and very sanitary! Very professional and fast!

    - Stevie C.

  • Peace of Mind
    Toilet started leaking and so I requested quotes.  Plumbing guys responded first and got the business.  Unfortunately, the toilet they installed on the first try had factory defects which were a bit of a nightmare, however, Plumbing guys stayed with it until they were sure it was right.  Their six-month warranty also gives peace of mind which is much appreciated.  Thanks, Plumbing Guys!

    - Dan O.

  • Plumbing Guys Rocked It and They Are Local
    I just used Plumbing Guys for the 1st time. They are local too. John was awesome. On-time, professional and fixed my drain/plumbing issues quickly. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again!!!!  Bye-bye ARS/Rescue Rooter who I used for years. Plumbing Guys rocked it and they are local.

    - Darlene L.

  • Extremely Responsive
    So happy to have them come in!

    I called them because I needed a second opinion for my water heater. One plumbing company told me that I would need to replace my water heater but when John came in, it literally took him less than 5 minutes to figure out what was wrong, fixed it, and didn't even charge me for it. I just needed the thermostat turned on!!!

    So grateful that they took the time to come in. They responded quickly and were able to put me in their schedule right away.

    - Jay P.

  • Best Plumbing Experience
    I was so impressed with the information and service that I received from this company. My old water heater started leaking the night that PG&E was scheduled to shut off our power as part of the proactive power shut down in Bay Area - just to add insult to injury from expecting no power, we didn't have hot water. I contacted this company with 4 others on yelp. I got a call from the owner the next morning and he explained everything I needed to know about switching out to a tankless heater. He moved up the service call from the afternoon to morning. The crew of 3 plumbers assessed my home and how much it would cost to switch out my old tank for a tankless system. We decided to switch out to a larger water tank. The cool thing was that they had both options available, we're able to install it the same day, gave me a great estimate, professional and efficient removal/install of the new tank, and hot water within 45 min! This was the best plumbing experience I've ever had. I'll call them again for any plumbing needs for my 60+-year-old home! Highly recommend them!

    - Ida S.

  • Staff was Professional and Competent
    Clogged sink on a Friday.  Called our Alameda plumbers who said they could come next week.  Googled plumbers and found Plumbing Guys in Hayward. They came to me for under 2 hours and on time.  John was professional and competent.  Sink back in business yay.   Great, fast, and competent service.  Thanks, Plumbing Guys.

    - Lor C.

  • Wally and His Team Are Fantastic!
    Wally and his team are fantastic!  Being an apartment manager in Hayward, it is challenging to find reliable service at fair prices and Plumbing Guys offers both.  They have been repairing clogs and leaking pipes at my building for the past 2 years and they are always my go-to plumbers.  Thanks, Plumbing Guys!  Thanks, Wally!

    - Jill A.

  • Very Professional and Cleaned up Nicely
    I had a leak under my kitchen sink, I messaged plumbing guys on yelp and got a response pretty quickly. John came the next day right on time and fixed my sink. Very professional and cleaned up nicely. I would def use them again! Thanks, John!

    - Evelyn I.

  • Very Clean and Professional
    Our coop apartment building in Berkeley had a clogged sewer plumbing emergency on Sunday, 6/2, and four apartments had grey water coming up through the tub and shower.  Two other companies we tried to reach were not open on Sunday. Christian, from Plumbing Guys, responded quickly, within an hour on my call.  He drained the backed-up water and found the clog. He let me know there would be an extra charge for the camera inspection, which I agreed to. After examining the line with a camera, and found the break in the pipe. He also cleaned up the basement where the wastewater had landed so that there was no lingering problem with standing greywater. Bravo and Thanks!

    - Gina P.

  • Great Service
    Great service. On-time, affordable, came through on a last-minute job, and so polite. It's rare to have all that in one bag. I'd call him again to help us out.

    - Kristy M.