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Finding Even the Smallest Source of Excess Water

A water leak, even a small one, can devastate your home. Leaks can damage your property, create health hazards, and cost you quite a bit in wasted water and repair fees. Unfortunately, finding the source of a leak is no easy task. Even the smallest cracks in your piping can flood your home if left unattended, and it takes a true professional to pinpoint the source of excess water.

Hayward’s local Plumbing Guys can help you identify any leaks in your home plumbing system. We are always thorough, conscious, and careful with our inspections, using every bit of our combined expertise to spot the source of excess water.

We Can Find Any Type of Leak:

  • Roof leaks
  • Pipe leaks
  • Wall leaks
  • And more!

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What Causes Leaks?

To homeowners, leaks can feel like they come out of nowhere. One day everything’s fine, and the next there’s water coming out of your walls, streaming from your fixtures, or coating your floors. However, the reality is that leaks are the result of specific incidents that can be avoided with proper care and maintenance. It’s important to understand the circumstances that cause leaks so that you can take the proper precautions.

Residential Water Leaks are Typically Caused By:

  • Built-up pressure – If you have a clog, it can add pressure to the line structure which causes ruptures
  • Foreign objects – Objects passing through plumbing that doesn't belong can catch and tear piping
  • Foreign invaders – A leak could be caused by moles, gophers, or other subterranean critters knowing on your pipes or water line

Is There a Leak in Your Home?

Some leaks aren’t visible to the naked eye until they’ve already caused serious damage. Luckily, there are subtle but clear signs that you can watch out for that indicate a leak in your pipes. When you spot the warning signs, contact Plumbing Guys right away. We’ll identify the source of the leak and help you get things fixed before the damage can spread.

Signs of a Possible Water Leak Include:

  • Sounds of running water in your walls
  • Wet or damp floors, walls, or ceilings
  • Mold or mildew
  • An overgrown lawn
  • Cracked walls or bubbling wallpaper
  • A spike in your water bill

Here for Your Home and Your Business

Leaks don’t just threaten your home – any property that relies on indoor plumbing is vulnerable, including your workplace. Fortunately, we offer our leak detection services to all of our local Hayward businesses. Whether you’re facing down a leak at home or at work, Plumbing Guys is here to help with our leak detection services.

Contact us online or call our office at (510) 800-8229 to schedule your commercial or residential leak detection today!

Commonly Asked Questions

How can I prevent water leaks in my residential plumbing system?

Preventing water leaks in your residential plumbing system involves regular maintenance and being aware of the causes. Avoiding clogs that can build up pressure and rupture pipes, ensuring foreign objects don't enter the plumbing, and protecting pipes from damage by subterranean animals are key steps. Additionally, routine inspections by professionals like Plumbing Guys in Hayward can help identify potential issues before they lead to leaks.

Why should I choose Plumbing Guys for leak detection services in Hayward?

Choosing Plumbing Guys for leak detection services in Hayward means you're opting for a team that is thorough, conscious, and careful during inspections. With a strong local presence and a commitment to excellence, we use our extensive knowledge to accurately identify the source of leaks. Our prompt same-day service and ability to handle a variety of leaks, from roof to pipe to wall leaks, make us a reliable choice for protecting your property from water damage.

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